TMF Staff Spotlight: Lauren, Jr. Staff Accountant

What town do you live in?

Litchfield, ME

What do you do at the Foundation?

I am the Jr. Staff Accountant here at the Foundation!

Have you done similar work in the past?

I am a recent 2022 high school graduate, and I worked as a bank teller before working at the Foundation.

How long have you worked at the Foundation?

I have worked at the Foundation since January of 2022

What’s your favorite part of working at TMF?

Serving the recalibrated veterans and their families here at the Retreat and working with some of the best coworkers, all working toward the same goal.

Do you have a favorite story you’d like to share from your time here?

It’s not so much a story, but my favorite experience was when I took my turn from the admin office to help with programming for a week. A participant, a volunteer, & I all went fishing, and our participant had made his fly-fishing fly while at the Retreat. Watching the volunteer teach our participant how to use the fly rod & bond with him was a great experience; not only did a lot of bonding happen, but our participant could catch a fish with the fly he had made earlier in the week.

What is your favorite feature of the Retreat/Foundation?

I would say my favorite feature of the Foundation would be the waterfront. I enjoyed spending time with the participants.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I enjoy my summers traveling to all the Maine Fairs with my working steers alongside my family. I just finished my 13th and final year in the 4-H working steer program through Franklin County. As well as hunting in the fall with my dad.