Caregiver Program

The Travis Mills Foundation recognizes that injuries affect every member of the family.

Caregivers and loved ones often have to change their lives. They, too, deserve rest and relaxation. The Foundation’s Caregiver Program was established in 2018, only one year after the Veterans Retreat opened in Rome, Maine, completing 16 weeks of the program in its first year.

The Program is designed specifically for caregivers of post-9/11 recalibrated veterans to encourage self-care, rest, relaxation and bonding with others in relatable situations. These include spouses, partners, parents and siblings.

More About Our Caregiver Program

Caregiver Program participants enjoy a week-long experience at the Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat, along with eight fellow caregivers. Activities are tailored to them, and include hiking, glass blowing, yoga, group fitness classes, waterfront sports and more. For many, it’s a time for rest, relaxation and connection.

“You learn from everybody, but you’re able to help, too, which is important,” said one wife of a recalibrated veteran.

“There are different stages in the grief journey when your partner is injured,” she added. “I was able to help people along and others helped me. That’s the best part of the Caregiver Program – you’re being cared for and you’re getting tidbits of information that help you along.”

The Foundation continues to seek alternative ways to support caregivers of our military veterans.

Skiing and Snowshoeing