TMF Staff Spotlight: Nikki Marchetti

What town do you live in? 

I live in Oakland.

What do you do at the Foundation?  

I am a housekeeper at the Foundation.


Have you done similar work in the past? 

I have been in hospitality and housekeeping for nearly 20 years!

How long have you worked at the Foundation? 

I have worked at the Foundation since January of 2023.

Why did you want to work at TMF? 

I wanted to work at TMF because the positive and inspiring atmosphere.

What’s your favorite part of working at TMF? 

My favorite part of working at TMF is knowing the positive impact that the Foundation has on the participants and helping to make their stay comfortable!

Do you have a favorite story you’d like to share from your time here? 

I don’t really have a favorite story, but I just enjoy seeing families reconnecting with each other and having a great time together with the accessibility they need to not have to worry.

What is your favorite feature of the Retreat/Foundation?  

My favorite feature of the Retreat is actually the dining room. It is where everyone gathers for meals and conversation.

What is a fun fact about yourself you’d like to share with readers? 

I am also a realtor!