TMF Employee Spotlight: Kayla Krause

In what town do you live?  China, Maine

What do you do at the Foundation?  Finance & Administration Manager

 How long have you worked at the Foundation? Since November 2022


Have you done similar work in the past? 

My degree is in Business Administration. My career path has taken me down the road of Finance/Management/HR for “For-Profit” businesses and Municipal Government. This is the first time I have applied my skill set, education, and experience to a “Non-Profit”


Why did you want to work at TMF? 

I wanted to serve veterans in a capacity that I could be effective. I wanted to be apart of the “Never Give Up, Never Quit” movement the Foundation has created. After researching the programs we offer to veterans and their families and the impact that has created, I jumped at the opportunity ALL IN!


What’s your favorite part of working at TMF? 

Impossible to pick one favorite part of working at TMF! I love contributing to making the lives of Veterans and their families easier after all they have sacrificed for the freedoms, I enjoy every day. I love the culture at TMF, where all staff members and their ideas are heard. I love being directly involved with the constant improvement of how to continue to elevate TMF to the next level. I love working at a place where I am beyond proud of what we do! I love finding ways to save the Foundation money, so we are able to use that money saved to serve more deserving veterans. I love the dedication staff and volunteers have to the “Mission”.


Do you have a favorite story you’d like to share from your time here?

During a family week in Programming I listened to a Veteran tell a story about his injury, recovery, and need to serve post injury. After losing his leg serving our country, many surgeries and hard work in physical therapy, this Veteran still wanted to serve our country in the fight against terrorism. He did not want to “ride a desk”, he wanted to deploy and use his mind to lead troops as he has done prior to injury. The doctor would not sign off and said that was out of the question. This Veteran wanted to know why and kept after the doctor seeking the specific reason. The doctor finally said, what happens if you were deployed and something happened with your prosthetic leg? The Veteran answer….Doc I would throw that leg out, snap on another leg from my suitcase of legs, and continue leading my troops! I have already been through the pain and the mental acceptance, now I just bring more legs with me!


What is your favorite feature of the Retreat/Foundation?

The Health & Wellness Center. The opportunities this center provides for continued health, fitness, and self-care after injury is amazing. The pool and patio area, massage therapy, yoga classes, work out facility with adaptive equipment, and the many classes we are continuing to offer, all contribute to the health and relaxation of our participants. The building from the outside is stunning, but it is the inside of the building that holds the true beauty of “impacting lives”!


What is a fun fact about yourself you’d like to share with readers?

I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, snowmobiling, sunset boat rides, and slalom waterskiing. I true believe that family is not just blood relation, but those that support you with meaningful connection NO MATTER WHAT!