September 2021 Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The Travis Mills Foundation may not have recalibrated veteran families in the fall, but that doesn’t mean we’ve slowed down.

The Travis Mills Foundation’s team is shifting from hosting families to our Caregivers and Warrior PATHH weeks. In fact, some of the participants from the summer will find themselves coming back to the retreat this fall for caregivers and Warrior PATHH programs.

Warrior PATHH cultivates and facilitates post-traumatic growth in combat veterans and first responders and enables these remarkable people to transform times of deep struggle into profound strength and growth. While this transformative, lifelong program begins with a seven-day experience at the retreat, it doesn’t stop there. It’s followed by several more months of connection via our trained PATHH guides through the phone and virtually.

“I’m coming back for PATHH so I can be a better person – especially a better husband and father,” said an Army veteran who spent a week at the retreat with his family this summer.

So we can support the whole family, we offer a program for caregivers of veterans. A commonality among this population is that they often don’t take the time to care for themselves. The Travis Mills Foundation offers them that opportunity through programs designed especially for them, and they also get to experience much needed rest and relaxation so they can recharge and renew.

Additionally, the team has officially broken ground for the nearly $7M Health and Wellness Center Campaign. We hosted the Building Strength Gala and raised more than $600,000 in support of the building campaign. The fundraising will continue throughout the building project due for completion in May 2022.

All of these incredible programs hosted throughout the year and the 9,800-square-foot expansion of our facilities are thanks to people like you who believe in our mission – thank you!


The Travis Mills Foundation Team

Gala a Huge Success

The Building Strength Gala on Sept. 11 brought supporters together for an evening of reflection and togetherness, all to celebrate our new Health and Wellness Center.
Support this project.



Ground was broken for an exciting new addition to TMF, a Health and Wellness Center for our recalibrated veterans and their families. Even service dog Zulu is delighted by the news! Learn more about the project here.


For participants of the Combined Federal Campaign, we wanted to share the opportunity to continue to support the Travis Mills Foundation. We hope you will choose CFC #24877 this year to continue to help serve our recalibrated veterans.


TMF Plane Pull ®

Spectators are welcome to attend the event, set to raise more than $100K for the Travis Mills Foundation. Watch as teams compete to pull an 80-ton plane at the Portland Jetport. For event details, visit here. Contact us to become a sponsor!


See John Rich in Ohio

Dave Mortach from Mortach Financial presents: John Rich at 7 p.m., November 10, to benefit the Travis Mills Foundation. Special Guests include Bernie Kosar and Travis Mills. Buy tickets here.