Recalibrate Program: Encouraging Recalibrated Veterans After the Retreat

The Travis Mills Foundation offers a variety of opportunities, including Family and Caregiver Programs, along with Post-Traumatic Stress support in LINK TO THIS PAGE Warrior PATHH (Progressive and Alternative Training for Helping Heroes). While these programs primarily take place on the Retreat property in the Belgrade Lakes Region of Maine, TMF recognizes the need to extend support beyond the confines of the Retreat to continue serving post-911 recalibrated veterans and their families. In recognition of this, TMF introduced the Recalibrate Program in 2022.

The Recalibrate Program capitalizes on a participant’s motivation after attending the Retreat by providing financial assistance, goal setting, and long-term follow up.

“[The Recalibrate Program] was started as a way to continue serving our veterans after they leave the Retreat,” said Program Manager Robin Crockett. “Families come here to relax and enjoy adaptive activities, but when they leave they are back to the difficulties of everyday life. If the Travis Mills Foundation can help ease those difficulties by providing funding for items, it is possible to make the lives of our veterans and families better – it’s a way to continue serving these families.”

Since its inception, the Recalibrate Program has successfully served 52 TMF Alumni families. While at the Retreat, veterans and their families engage in adaptive activities tailored to their specific needs. However, maintaining the same motivation at home can be challenging. The Recalibrate Program provides ongoing support.

A crucial component of the Recalibrate Program is setting and achieving goals. This is done in a variety of ways to help recalibrated veterans to achieve the goals that are most important to them.

During the 12-month program, Recalibrate participants check-in twice with TMF staff who provide motivation for the duration of the program. These check-ins happen at the 6- and 12-month marks. This helps to create a connection between the Foundation and the families it serves. 

“Part of the Recalibrate Program is to make goals, track progress and achieve these goals,” Robin said. “We will assist with regular follow ups and interviews. At the end of the program our participants provide a testimonial about how the assistance has been beneficial over the past 12 months.” 

Not only does the Recalibrate Program benefit the veteran, it also benefits their family as well.

“The Recalibrate program involves the whole family in different ways,” Robin said. “One, the veteran is getting assistance with a goal. Workout equipment is a popular choice for the Recalibrate Program. Not only is the veteran able to work out in the comfort of their own home, the family can join them.”

For example, the program provided outdoor equipment so families can enjoy outdoor activities together.

“The Recalibrate program boosts morale and confidence in our veterans,” Robin added. “They receive assistance in many ways and they know they are supported by the Travis Mills Foundation. Once participants are welcomed to TMF family, they are family for life and it’s our honor to continue to support them.”

At the end of the 12-month period, recalibrated veterans provide a testimonial of their participation that allows Foundation staff to better understand the needs of the families it serves. 

“I enjoy reading the Recalibrate testimonials at the end of their 12 month period,” Robin said. Being able to read and hear about their success or how it has helped bring them closer to their families is wonderful and inspiring.”

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