No Greater Sacrifice | Dedicated to Our Nation’s Children

In honor of Month of the Military Child, the Travis Mills Foundation is celebrating No Greater Sacrifice.

In February 2008, No Greater Sacrifice was founded to provide college scholarships and funding to children of those who were killed in action. Once the post 9/11 GI Bill Fry Scholarship was passed for children of those who were wounded in service, No Greater Sacrifice expanded the mission to include the children of wounded servicemen and women.

“The men and women of the United States Armed Forces risk their lives every day for our country,” said Boston Gilbert, No Greater Sacrifice Associate Director and scholarship recipient. “There is no greater sacrifice. Brave Americans put themselves in harm’s way so that others might thrive. We honor this sacrifice by helping to educate the children of American heroes.”

“Organizations such as No Greater Sacrifice help to provide for and invest in our children’s future,” said SSG (Ret) Travis Mills.

No Greater Sacrifice provides scholarship assistance to the children of severely wounded or fallen servicemembers that are post 9/11-related.

“Eligible individuals can request a scholarship by emailing between Ja. 15 and April 15, when our application is open [to apply],” Boston said.

Along with scholarships, No Greater Sacrifice also provides one-on-one, individualized coaching to recipients while they are going through their college experience.

“No Greater Sacrifice provides our scholars with customized mentorship and funding to receive their full education potential,” said Boston.

No Greater Sacrifice aims for students to be able to attend their dream undergraduate school and attend – graduating debt free. After the other applied financial aid that the student receives, No Greater Sacrifice supports the student by paying for any unmet needs including, but not limited to: in-state tuition, room and board, special equipment, textbooks, or other expenses deemed necessary.

Over the years, No Greater Sacrifice has added other programs, including freshman orientation and educational workshops.

“No Greater Sacrifice remains dedicated to providing substantial funding to children of fallen and wounded servicemembers and has committed more than $14 million in post high-school education benefits,” Boston said.

In coming years, No Greater Sacrifice plans to continue its pursuit in supporting children of fallen and severely wounded servicemembers.

“No Greater Sacrifice aims at long-term investment in these military children,” added Boston.

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