Volunteer Organizes “Kelly’s Team” to Honor Late Vice President of Programming

Kelly's Team

Team Runs Miles for Mills to Remember TMF Vice President of Programming

Travis Mills Foundation Volunteer Bill Morris has run the Miles for Mills Memorial Day Weekend 5K for the last five years. This year, he is running in the event to honor TMF’s late Vice President of Programming, Kelly Roseberry, and is encouraging fellow runners to join him in doing the same.

While out on a run one morning, Bill decided that while he wanted to run this year’s 5K, he wanted there to be a greater purpose behind it.

“That’s how I came up with the idea of Kelly’s Team,” Bill said, adding that anyone can contribute to the fundraiser.

When signing up for the 2024 Miles for Mills Memorial Day Weekend 5K Walk/Run and 10K Run, participants are prompted to complete a fundraiser, raising funds for the Travis Mills Foundation.

Bill wants participants to know that if they want, they can link their fundraising page to the page for Kelly’s Team, raising money in her memory.

Bill was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with Kelly and her husband, Chris Roseberry, the Foundation’s Facilities Director, and their daughter, Emma, when beginning his volunteer journey at TMF in 2018.

“I was doing maintenance, so my first contact was Chris,” Bill added. “The first Winter Program was happening and I didn’t have a place to stay.”

Kelly kindly offered for him to stay in a spare room so Bill spent a few days with Kelly and Chris and over the years has developed a close bond with their family.

“My hope is that before the race, we can get a photo with Kelly’s Team and her family, at least Chris and Emma,” Bill said.


Kelly’s Team is comprised of TMF volunteers, staff, and any Miles for Mills participants who’d like to join. Individuals can sign up to be part of Kelly’s Team by linking their fundraising page – instructions here; participants will also need the password “runBillRun2024!” to link their page.

To contribute financially to Kelly’s Team, click below!