TMF Employee Spotlight: Mike McBride

Position: Facilities Manager

Resides: Sabattus

Fun Fact: He has the motto of SSG Travis Mills tattooed on his arms: Never Give Up. Never Quit.

What is your military experience?

 Army; I was stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Why did you want to work at TMF?

I love what we do for veterans and their families and it’s the type of work that challenges me and my creative abilities.

What’s your favorite part of working at TMF?

Interacting with the veterans and their families in taking care of anything they may need while they are here at the Retreat.

Do you have a favorite story you’d like to share from your time here?

My first week here, my boss, Chris Roseberry told me he needed a road to connect the two properties. Three days later he had a road and he help me connect the two after I was done building the roads with a bridge that can withstand the weight of GMC Yukon – field tested!

What is your favorite feature of the Retreat/Foundation/PATHH?

I love what we do at the Retreat for the veterans and their families but I specifically love what Warrior PATHH does. You see 6-8 veterans come in for the programming week and by the time their seven days, in-person portion of the program is done, they are totally different people. I know from personal experience that Warrior PATHH does work, and I fully believe in it.