USMC SGT. Rebecca Fletcher


SGT. Rebecca Fletcher


On June 7, 2013, USMC Sgt. Rebecca Fletcher was involved in a motorcycle accident with a motor vehicle. As a result of the accident, she was bleeding profusely with a partially amputated right leg above the knee. Three Marines were witness to the accident that day and ultimately saved her life by applying pressure and a tourniquet to the wound.

Before Fletcher left college to join the Military, she was an equine therapy major. Since her injury, she has gone on to do other things like founding Mayhem’s K9 Corps Training Services LLC named after her first service dog Mayhem, where she trains dogs to become service animals. Rebecca previously attended the retreat with her service dog, and even brought her own harness for horseback riding!


“I cannot possibly describe or articulate all that was experienced here. I have been out of WRNMMC (Walter Reed National Military Medical Center) since 2015 and I was reunited with so many of my brothers during this trip. We had rehabbed together, cried together, suffered together, but this trip, we smiled, laughed, and reminisced together. Take time to try something new, there is nothing you cannot do. Our injuries may make us do things different than before but do NOT let that stop you or slow you down. Travis Mills a quad amputee made this for us because he believes in our ability to inspire ourselves, each other, and strangers. Talk with each other, listen to your brothers/sister’s struggles, and how they have overcome them. Support each other and Live Your Life!” – USMC Sgt. Rebecca Fletcher