Month of the Military Caregiver- Wife of Tyson Quink

Tyson and Tera!

Tyson and Tera!

“Being a caregiver was never something I expected. Prior to our deployments we talked about the realities of not returning from Afghanistan in 2011, but never the chance of coming back with life changing injuries. My job literally went from maintaining communications for our unit to being an advocate for my husband in a medically induced coma within two hours. The learning curve was steep. I was now the one helping with meds, wound care, keeping appointments straight, and maintaining a positive attitude. To be honest, Tyson’s always been the more optimistic and upbeat one, so this was a definite change for us. 

Overall, he was in the hospital for a little over a month, but life would forever be different. The early days included a wheelchair, whereas now it’s just limited walking on flat terrain conducive to prosthetics.  My days as a wound dresser and medication monitor are gone, but I still find myself looking for the easiest path from point to point, or helping with things around the house.” – Wife, Tera Quink