Staff Sgt. Daniel Burgess

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Burgess


Daniel Burgess and his Family during Christmas time at the Travis Mills Foundation.

Daniel Burgess and his Family during Christmas time at the Travis Mills Foundation.

While serving as a psychological operations specialist with the 350th Psychological Operations Company in 2011, Staff Sgt. Daniel Burgess stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device. As a result of the incident, Burgess sustained multiple injuries including an amputated right leg below the knee, limb salvage operation on his left leg, traumatic brain injury, and permanent lung damage.

Today, Burgess has pursued a new career path in quilting. Burgess founded @onefootquliting in 2018 thanks to a generous donation of a state of the art quilting system adapted to his injuries. In winter of 2017, Burgess, his wife, and two children attended the Travis Mills Foundation where they participated in a wide array of activities that you can’t do in Florida!

“ What a truly Magical time as a family! Leaving nice warm Florida to come to cold and snow was not easy but it was worth every minute of it. This was truly an amazing and inspiring trip and every moment has been well thought out and planned. So many people had come from hours away because they truly wanted to give back and being with every single one of them was opening and they brought joy with them and gifts to share whether it was a smile and a conversation or a meal. Enjoy these people and their appreciation. Enjoy the staff and volunteers. They are amazing also and have huge hearts! Thank you will never be enough for this trip! Use these moments at this retreat to connect with someone new, try something new and relax, and walk away from here a different person!”