12 Warrior Principles from “Bounce Back”

SSG Travis Mills: 12th Alive Day Celebration

Help the Travis Mills Foundation celebrate the 12th Alive Day of U.S. Army SSG (Ret.) Travis Mills on April 10, 2024. We’re so grateful for all that Travis has accomplished in the 12 years since a life-changing injury inspired him to give back to fellow post-911 recalibrated veterans and their families. 

Kicking off March 30 and continuing the next 12 days, the Travis Mills Foundation will feature the No. 12 and elements of the Travis Mills Foundation, the Retreat, and more!

In honor of this special milestone, we need YOUR SUPPORT to help us raise $12K in recognition of the past 12 incredible and inspiring years! Please consider a donation to show your support and gratitude for Travis’s 12th Alive Day, ALL to support our nation’s heroes served at the Foundation.

12 Warrior Principles from "Bounce Back"

1: That Dog Don’t Hunt: Stop Torturing Yourself and Stop Asking “Why”

2: Unpack That Rucksack: Process What Happened So You Can Grow From It

3: Point the Finger, and Three Fingers Point Back at You: Don’t Blame Others, And Be Compassionate to Yourself

4: Snap Your Fingers, Wiggle Your Toes and Get the F*** Out of Bed: Create Small, Achievable Goals for Moving Forward

5. Stay Within the Guardrails: Manage Your Emotions and Control Your Attitude

6: Take Five: Make the Time to be Grateful for What You Have

7: Get a Battle Buddy: Never Underestimate the Power of a Support System

8: Never Give Up, Never Quit, Ever: Push Yourself Past Your Own Personal Best

9: Swim with the sharks, Walk with the Horses: Make Fear Your Friend

10: A New Normal: Your Vulnerability is Your Strength

11: Serve: Find Your Voice, Building on Your Strengths, and Live Meaningfully

12: Make it a Daily Practice: Ask Yourself: What is Stopping me from Recalibrating?