12 Off Campus Experiences For Participants (in and outside of Maine)!

SSG Travis Mills: 12th Alive Day Celebration

Help the Travis Mills Foundation celebrate the 12th Alive Day of U.S. Army SSG (Ret.) Travis Mills on April 10, 2024. We’re so grateful for all that Travis has accomplished in the 12 years since a life-changing injury inspired him to give back to fellow post-911 recalibrated veterans and their families. 

Kicking off March 30 and continuing the next 12 days, the Travis Mills Foundation will feature the No. 12 and elements of the Travis Mills Foundation, the Retreat, and more!

In honor of this special milestone, we need YOUR SUPPORT to help us raise $12K in recognition of the past 12 incredible and inspiring years! Please consider a donation to show your support and gratitude for Travis’s 12th Alive Day, ALL to support our nation’s heroes served at the Foundation.

12 Off Campus Experiences For Participants

...in and outside of Maine!

  1. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to Maine each year to go leaf-peeping. More specifically, a leaf peeper is a person who visits particular areas, especially in New England, to view the autumn foliage. We often treat participants to leaf-peeping excursions by foot, kayak, and car to view this spectacular feature of the northeast! 
  2. Hiking on Blueberry Hill in Rome, ME, offers scenic views of the Belgrade Lakes Region of Maine and is a challenging activity that our post-911 veterans and their families can enjoy together.
  3. Travis Mills Foundation’s post-911 recalibrated veterans swim with the “Gentle Giants of the Sea” at Georgia Aquarium. BONUS: Their families get to watch as they successfully achieve this incredible challenge!
  4.   Participants come together for dinners held throughout the country, most recently in Jacksonville, FL!
  5. Outings to Chadwick’s Craft Spirits for various crafting, especially wreath-making and marshmallow roasting at Christmastime!
  6. For Virtual Weekends at Home, TMF provides families with boxes of supplies for art therapy, baking, yoga, games and more. We recognize that interacting with others without the need for travel is better for some families.
  7. Since the inception of the Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat in 2017, our post-911 recalibrated participant families have been welcomed by the town of Mt. Vernon on July Fourth Weekend to participate in its annual and patriotic festivities, including a parade. Families enjoy decorating golf carts and even a boat, to parade through the area’s town center. The appreciation for our veterans is felt 10-fold during this meaningful event.
  8. Never Give Up On Country, a benefit concert for the Travis Mills Foundation in Ocala, FL, that brings our participants together with fellow veterans, country music enthusiasts, and anyone who loves the red, white and blue!
  9. Apple Picking at Riker Hill Orchards is a favorite and traditional New England activity that participants in our Caregiver Program enjoy. The spouses, parents, friends and family members of post-911 recalibrated veterans find that they love biting into a fresh, juicy apple, right off the tree!
  10. While thousands from throughout Maine and beyond participate in the Miles for Mills Memorial Day Weekend Race, for some participants, the race is a way to challenge themselves with the close support of TMF nearby.
  11. Each year, post-911 recalibrated veterans sponsored by the Travis Mills Foundation take part in Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend with Achilles International, including the organization’s Facilities Director, Chris Roseberry, on hand-cycle.
  12. The annual Travis Mills Foundation Plane Pull ® brings participants to Southern Maine’s Portland International Jetport to pull a 40-ton plane, one of the organization’s Signature Events. The thrill of being on the tarmac with 20 of your fellow veterans and their families is second to none!