12 Accomplishments We’re Proud of Since Opening

SSG Travis Mills: 12th Alive Day Celebration

Help the Travis Mills Foundation celebrate the 12th Alive Day of U.S. Army SSG (Ret.) Travis Mills on April 10, 2024. We’re so grateful for all that Travis has accomplished in the 12 years since a life-changing injury inspired him to give back to fellow post-911 recalibrated veterans and their families. 

Kicking off March 30 and continuing the next 12 days, the Travis Mills Foundation will feature the No. 12 and elements of the Travis Mills Foundation, the Retreat, and more!

In honor of this special milestone, we need YOUR SUPPORT to help us raise $12K in recognition of the past 12 incredible and inspiring years! Please consider a donation to show your support and gratitude for Travis’s 12th Alive Day, ALL to support our nation’s heroes served at the Foundation.

12 Accomplishments We’re Proud of Since Opening

  1. In 2014, Travis and how wife, Kelsey, establish the Travis Mills Foundation, sitting at their kitchen table, along with Kelsey’s parents, Craig and Tammy Buck. They contributed $5,000 for the very first project of the Foundation: sending care packages to Travis’s fellow soldiers who were still deployed.
  2. The Foundation purchases the Elizabeth Arden Estate in Rome, ME in 2015. This was followed by two years of construction.
  3. The Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat opens for its inaugural year 2017. Donations were made from all 50 states, Australia, Canada, Japan, Germany and Belgium. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and conservative budgeting, we were able to retire our $1.1M mortgage several years early.
  4. In 2018, the Foundation served 126 veteran families from 33 states, and added Caregiver and Ambassador Programs to better served the recalibrated population.
  5. The following year in 2019, the Veterans Retreat hosted its first full Winter Program with activities that included ice fishing, snowshoeing, tubing and more!
  6. In 2020, TMF welcomed Warrior PATHH (Progressive & Alternative Training for Helping Heroes) to support post-911 combat veterans in achieving Post-Traumatic Growth.
  7. The largest construction project in the Foundation’s history after its inception kicks off in 2021, the Health & Wellness Center. The project was marked by a groundbreaking in fall of this year, alongside our first annual Building Strength Gala.
  8. The Recalibrate Program launches in 2022, designed to capitalize on the motivation participants feel when they are at the Veterans Retreat and help them reach goals once they return home.
  9. Also in 2022, after just one short year of intensive work and construction, the Health & Wellness Center opens, providing more barrier-free options for our post-911 recalibrated veterans and their families.
  10. In 2017, the very same year the Veterans Retreat opened, the momentum of the mission spread far and wide, garnering the attention of Mike Rowe, widely known for hosting TV show, “Dirty Jobs.” A friend of SSG Travis Mills, Rowe donated and built a Ropes Course, one of the hallmark activities at the Retreat.
  11. Also in 2017, the dynamic and philanthropic team from “Maine Cabin Masters” turned the property’s simple lakeside cottage into an ADA-compliant addition for veterans and their families.
  12. The Travis Mills Foundation takes pride in its ability to serve our nation’s veterans in the most fiscally responsible manner possible; we’re proud to report that we’ve been debt-free since 2019.