Warrior PATHH Guides

Our Team of Warrior PATHH (Progressive & Alternative Training for Helping Heroes) guides are a unique blend of combat veterans and first responders – all with their own experiences with struggle, who have achieved Post-Traumatic Growth through the practices and principles taught at the program.

James Prindle

James is the Warrior PATHH program manager at the Travis Mills Foundation. He served in the Marine Corps from 2009-2013 where he served as a heavy equipment operator and completed two tours in Afghanistan. In 2018 he completed an internship at the Travis Mills Foundation for a degree in recreational therapy. The following year he was hired to be the waterfront manager at the Retreat. Later the same year, James applied to run the PATHH program and was hired. He continues to head up the program in addition to assisting with the Foundation’s family program.   

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Ray Edgar

Ray lives in Farmington, Maine, with his wife, Sharon, and service dog, Murphy. He served in the Army for 27 years, starting as a Scout and retiring in 2010 as a Command Sergeant Major serving as the Commandant of the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy at Fort Knox in Kentucky. His career included assignments throughout the country and the world in a variety of units, including serving as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division for 9 years. He also served in the 1st Armored Division, 3rd Infantry Division, 10th Mountain Division, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, and Army ROTC at Northern Arizona University as the Senior Military Science Instructor. He served in combat in Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division in Mosul, Iraq, and the 82nd Airborne Division at multiple locations in the Diyala Province. In addition to being a PATHH Guide, Ray is a volunteer with the Travis Mills Foundation. 

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Harry Bologna

Harryis a retired U.S. Navy Master Chief (SEAL) with over 22 years of Special Operations experience. After completing Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) training, Harry went on to serve at SEAL Teams Two and Four, conducting numerous deployments to South America and Europe. He was then screened and selected to serve at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG) where he served 12 years, making multiple deployments to Southeast Asia and the Middle East in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). Harry retired from military service in November 2011, becoming an independent contractor where he continued to deploy to the Middle East in support of OEF. On October 22, 2015, during one such deployment to Afghanistan, Harry stepped on a landmine, which immediately amputated both of his legs. Thanks to his courageous teammates, the DUSTOFF helicopter crew, and the field trauma team Harry survived.Harry is married to Julie who has been by his side for his long Navy career and faithfully supported him throughout his recovery. Harry and Julie live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with their two beautiful and successful daughters, Amanda and Ashley.

Gerry Madden

Gerry lives in Palermo, Maine, and served with the Maine State Police for 30 years as lieutenant, sergeant, detective and trooper, all for Troop D out of Thomaston. He currently serves on the Maine State Police Critical Incident Debriefing Team. He is also a private investigator. In addition to serving as a PATHH Guide at the Travis Mills Foundation, Gerry is a volunteer.

Randa Jean “RJ” Boyer

RJ lives in Old Town, Maine, and served for 10 years in the United States Air Force in aircrew operations, as a flight attendant and enlisted aide. She separated from the service as a senior airman. In addition to being a PATHH Guide, she’s a hospice foster to Labrador retrievers.

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Adam Jeter

Adam enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps after high school graduation in 1995 and transferred to the U.S. Army in 2005, in total serving 22 years in the U.S. Military. His first deployment was in 2006-2007 in the Diyala Province of Iraq and lasted 15 months. It was during a period during the Iraq war known as “the surge,” with 2007 being the deadliest period for U.S. troops since 2004. Adam has a message for post-911 combat veterans and first responders considering Warrior PATHH: “If you’re reading this and are struggling, know that there is hope. You can be happy, you deserve happiness, you deserve peace. Take the leap of faith, do the work and change your life forever.”

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David Mahoney

David resides in Massachusetts with his wife Katie, and their three dogs. He was a police officer in Massachusetts for sixteen years. I held various positions while I was a police officer. I was a field training officer, firearms instructor, detective, and a member of a regional SWAT team. “I first visited TMF, as a PATHH student in the fall of 2022. I was at a crossroads in my personal and professional life. I was lost, disconnected, alone and looking for answers. I left PATHH and the Travis Mills Foundation a better person.”

“The commitments I made to myself, my team and PATHH guides as a PATHH student has allowed me to thrive. I have retired from law enforcement so I can serve this community at The Travis Mills Foundation as a Warrior PATHH guide.” In his spare time David enjoy fishing, hunting, reading and exercise.

Brandon Heindl

Brandon lives in Dandridge, Tennessee, but will soon relocate to Maine with his wife of 11 years, Holly, and their two beautiful girls, Meredith and Lorelai. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2010 to 2014, as a heavy equipment operator, completed two deployments to Afghanistan, and left the military as a Corporal E-4.

In 2017 Brandon was hired as a police officer for the city of Sidney, Ohio. He worked basic patrol, was a field training officer, Taser instructor and de-escalation instructor. He also assisted in investigations that involved children. While I was part of the Joint Tactical Response Team, Brandon was selected to be a sniper and later became an explosive and chemical instructor for the team.

After a critical incident in October 2021, Brandon decided to leave the department in January of 2023. He was a PATHH student in February 2022 and embraced the program so much so that in September 2023 he was hired as the Warrior PATHH Guide Manager for the Travis Mills Foundation.