Testimonials from our Volunteers


The experience that you get from spending time at the Foundation is something that is very complicated to put into words.

What it does for you is makes you feel like you are giving back to all the individuals that have given you all the things that you take for granted. The people that you work with, the people that you meet, and the experience itself will be one that you carry with you each and every day and it warms your heart like you never knew it could. It is an experience that should never be passed up and if one you have not experienced one that you need to do because the way it will leave you feeling will be one you love.

— Dulcie Welch



It has been my great honor and pleasure to contribute in a very small way to the spectacular success of the inaugural season of the Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat.

It has been a blessing to be able to associate with the Mills family, the exceptional staff and most important, the amazing families who visited and epitomize 'Never Give up, Never Quit 

— Stu Gerald, Brigadier General; US Army (Ret)



I’m truly grateful that Travis chose the great State of Maine for the retreat.

It has allowed me to spend time with true American heroes from all over the country! These vets and their families are inspirational. What an honor to be a volunteer at the retreat.

— Kirk Ball